Battle of Wounded Knee

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The Battle Of Wounded Knee Wounded Knee was a war between the Indians and the white men. The real cause was racism from the whitemen toward Indians, but the trouble really started to escalate when Wovoka had his vision. Wovoka, his real name was Jack Wilson, was a rancher in Nevada. In 1888 he came down with a fever and started to suffer delirium, which was when he said he had his vision. In his vision, …

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…pretty much lost his accountability in the Indian nation. With Big Foot and Sitting Bull dead the Sioux were without a leader. With this lose of numbers the Sioux nation disappeared and melded in with other groups. So in conclusion I believe that Wounded Knee was the point were the typical view of the Indians was changed. I feel that the Indians should of been left alone and not treated the way they were treated.