Battle of Stalingrad

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Battle of Stalingrad By David Rorex, Daniel Robbins, Anthony Yarbrough, and Ian Gelig In the early month of 1942, Germany broke its non-aggression pact with Russia and Hitler ordered his army to sweep east to Stalingrad, and south to Astrakan, Grozny, and to the Caspian Sea. The large military offensive was called Operation Blue. Hitlerís main purpose in the attack on Stalingrad was that it would be hard for the Soviets to resist if Stalingrad …

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…surrendered, and on February 2, the remaining 91 thousand troops turned themselves over to the Soviets, and total Axis losses, Germans, Romanians, Hungarians, and Italians, are estimated to have been about 800,000 dead. Official Russian military historians estimate that 1.1 million Soviet solders died defending their city. This battle cost both sides many men, but it gave great confidence and increased the morale of the Russian Army, because it showed that the mighty Germans could be defeated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**