Battle at Bunker Hill

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IV. Battle of Boston A. On June 17, 1775 two battles occurred. One battle on Bunker Hill, the other at Breed Hill. The two battles resulted in a combined 1,054 British Deaths, and fewer than 450 colonist deaths. On June 17, 1775 the Battle of Bunker Hill took place. It is one of the most important colonial victories in the U.S. War for Independence. Fought during the Siege of Boston, it lent considerable encouragement to the revolutionary cause. This battle …

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…up to the British army in traditional warfare. And only a few days later, George Washington would lead a group of men up to Dorchester Heights, aiming their canons at the British, and then watched the Red Coats retreat from the hill. So even though the British had won the battle, it was a short lived victory since the colonists took control of the hill again, but this time with more soldiers to defend it.