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Vincent Weitoish Edmondson - 3rd January 2, 2003 Flatland is a very interesting and thought-provoking book about A. Square's adventures in lands of different dimensions. A. Square, a mathematician in a two-dimensional world, visits Spaceland, a land of three-dimension, Lineland, a land of one dimension, and Pointland, a land of no dimensions. The book begins when A. Square tells us about flatland, what it is, and its history. He begins by telling us what Flatland and its …

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…Flatland and into Spaceland then he saw his home from above then he began to comprehend Spaceland. After learning of Spaceland A. Square tried to tell his grandson about Spaceland but failed, he couldn't convince anyone. Then he was imprisoned in the same prison as his brother whom he visited with regularly, but he couldn't even convince his brother, so he wrote a book hoping that someday there would be a Flatlander that believed him.