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Farnaz Falsafi 215-13-8761 English 210 10/19/1999 Love In L.A. There are many ways to develop a character in a story. A good development of the characters is crucial to any story’s success. In Love In L.A by Dagoberto Gilb, the author does this in three main ways: by description, by action, and by dialogue. First, the main character Jake’s personality is shown through the narrator’s descriptive tone, as well as narration …

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…by seeing what the characters say, the reader can distinguish the personality of the characters, which is reflected in the tone that the character speaks. In conclusion, Gilb, using three different techniques, describes the story’s characters and develops them effectively. These methods include narration, actions of the characters, and conversation. It is very important in the overall outcome of the story for an author to polish and reveal the characters to the reader effectively.