Baroque Architecture

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Difference Between Italian And French Baroque Architecture Baroque is the name given to the art of the 17th century. But the baroque style, like all other styles in the history of art, began gradually. It started in the latter part of the 16th century and continued to be used well into the 18th century. Baroque can be defied as the florid, ornate style characterizing fine arts in Europe from the middle 16th to middle 18th …

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…-1679 1679-1692 1672-97 Alessandro Specchi -Porta di Ripetta 1703 Filippo Raguzzini -Piazza S. Ignazio -S. Maria della Quercia 1727-1728 1727 Filippo Juvarra -Church of the Carmine 1732-1735 FRENCH ARTISTS Artist Name of Work Year *Illustration* Jules Hardouin Mansart -Church of Les Invalides 1680-1691 Jacques Lemercier -Church of the Sorbonne 1635 Francois Mansart -Ste. Marie de la Visitation -Chateau of Blois -Chateau of Maisons 1632-1634 1635-1638 1642-1646 Louis Levau -College des Quatre Nations -Chateaq and Gardens of Vaux-le-Vicomte 1662 1657-1661