Barium chloride plus silver nitrate equals silver chloride and barium nitrate

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        Every step in this experiment has reasons behind its application. One determines the masses of the crucible and barium chloride hydrate for obvious data collection and calculation purposed. The heating of the sample slowly for 10 minutes is done to remove the water from the sample. A constant mass for the sample must be obtained so therefore it must be done slowly because if not you may loose mass from the sample. At the point where …

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…when filtering took place. Additionally, the filter paper and the precipitate could not have dried completely therefore causing an error in mass.         A word equation that would describe the reaction that occurred would be barium chloride plus silver nitrate equals silver chloride and barium nitrate. Overall this experiment was interesting because it allowed me to view the different procedures that one would go through to create a chemical reaction and determine its composition and moles.