Banking on Diversity

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Organizational Environment Uncertainty Acme is made up of five key departments, they include: purchasing, drafting, productions, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering. Omega, on the other hand, is made up of four key departments: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and drafting. Both are similar. These departments play an instrumental role in the success of both companies. It is evident that Acme operates under a mechanistic structure whereas Omega operates under a more decentralized organic structure. …

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…has created change, and change is the key to effective leadership. If Acme remains without change, it will strive to compete with business tactics rather than quality and efficiency, something that in the long run is somewhat unreasonable and unprofitable. Reputation is the game. It is like the old saying, "an author is only as good as their last book". The future is full of change and implementation of change, only the willing will survive.