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Balthazar¡¯s Marvelous Afternoon ( Why didn¡¯t Balthazar receive the money?) ¡° Balthazar¡¯s Marvelous Afternoon ¡±, written by Gabrial Garcia Marquez, is a story about a birdcage and a poor carpenter, Balthazar. In the story, Balthazar made a beautiful birdcage that was commissioned by Pepe, the son of a rich man, Jose Montiel. However, when the carpenter took it to the boy, his father refused to pay and rather said to sell it other people. Although …

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…they can¡¯t avoid. However, here Balthazar felt not so much responsible and keeping his pride and making artwork was more important. In conclusion, at the end of the story, why Balthazar didn¡¯t receive money was because he wanted to give him just gift and he didn¡¯t want to sell his pride to dirty money. Moreover, in this story, because he didn¡¯t feel responsible for making money, he didn¡¯t receive money.