Bacterial Symbiosis

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Bacterial symbionts may be used as vehicles for expressing foreign genes in arthropods. Expression of selected genes can render an arthropod incapable of transmitting a second microorganism that is pathogenic for humans and is an alternative approach to the control of arthropod-borne diseases. We discuss the rationale for this alternative approach, its potential applications and limitations, and the regulatory concerns that may arise from its use in interrupting disease transmission in humans and animals. * For …

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…the desired phenotype (i.e., a factor that would inhibit transmission of the pathogen) (12-14). Additional studies have focused on the identification of regulatory sequences (e.g., stage-specific, tissue-specific, and constitutive promoters [1520]), vector population genetics (21-23), and the development of mathematical models that can be used for predicting the behavior of genes once they are introduced into wild populations (24,25). The accomplishments and future prospects of efforts to produce transgenic arthropods have been discussed extensively (26-31).