Aviation and Alcohol

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AVIATION AND ALCOHOL Alcoholic beverages used by many to "unwind" or relax, act as a social "ice-breaker," a way to alter one's mood by decreasing inhibitions. Alcohol consumption is widely accepted, often providing the cornerstone of social gatherings and celebrations. Along with cigarettes, many adolescents associate the use of alcohol as a rite of passage into adulthood. While its use is prevalent and acceptable in our society, it should not come as a surprise that …

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…the plane, or you can ask the flight attendants for beverages. Try to stay relaxed. Bring a walkman with some music that normally helps you unwind. You'll probably go through some bumpy patches, but that'll be expected. In conclusion, any pilot or passenger who consumes any alcohol uncontrollably, either before or during a flight, jeopardizes the lives and safety of those people involved in the aviation industry whether in the sky, or, on the ground!