Audie Murphy

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This is Audie Murphy's life story. At the tender age of 12, he becomes the head of the family after his father deserts them. He joins the army at the age of 18 and through the course of the war is decorated for valor nine times thus becoming the most decorated combat soldier in World War II. Audie does one of the bravest acts any soldier ever did during the war. He climbs aboard a burning tank …

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…Badge with Rifle Bar; Expert Badge with Bayonet Bar; French Fourragere in Colors of the Croix de Guerre; French Legion of Honor, Grade of Chevalier; French Croix de Guerre with silver star, and the Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm. ACTIVE SERVICE He is credited with extended active service duty as an enlisted man from 30 june 1942 to 13 October 1944 and as a commissioned officer from 14 October 1944 to 21 September 1945. He died 28 May 1971 while in a Reserve status.