Atticus finch in to kill a mockingbird

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Atticus Finch was a great man in the book To Kill A Mockingbird. He was a great father of two children, Jem and Scout. He defended a man named Tom Robinson in a trial. He also was a strong Christian. This shows he is a good father, Christian and lawyer. While he had many priorities he balanced them well. Atticus appears that his number one priority are his children. He understand his children very well. …

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…of strength in his heart and was going to have the pride to go back again to defend Tom. Atticus is a good lawyer because he had the wit and intelligence for the law profession. Atticus received this education in law at Harvard University in Cambridge , Massachusetts Not only in the book did it show that Atticus was a great father ,Christian , and lawyer. The book showed that Atticus was an all around great man.