Atomic Diplomacy

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Atomic Diplomacy Revisted: U.S. Nuclear Security Policy, Kennen to Kissenger The emergence of the United States as a dominant party in balance of power equations is a relatively new phenomenon in world history. New military technology coupled with increased global integration has allowed the United States to reinvent the fundemental assumptions of international diplomacy while propelling itself to the top of the hedgemonic stepladder. This positioning was achieved peacemeal during the course of the …

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…measured" (Kissenger 277). As much as we might like to indict the policies of nuclear diplomacy for all its self-indlugent insanity, we must bear in mind that it was somehow successful. Not one atomic bomb fell onto a nation from Kennen to Kissenger, and that should show the altruisitic commitment by men of power to keep the unthinkable unthinkable. hat "the gothic revival in American cinema is filmmaking at its most vital: cryptic, moody, and provocative"