As You Like It

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“As You Like it presents an image of human life, not as an arena for heroic endeavour, but as a place of encounters.” Consider some of the encounters presented in the play, and their significance to its insight into human life. “Man in his Time plays many parts , his Acts being seven ages.” Here we are given two different worlds, with colourful characters ranging from “the Lover sighing like Furnace with a woeful Ballad” to …

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…hymen and the unions of the various couples, it is not difficult to see that Love is the reigning theme in the play. Along with Love, other human conditions are being discussed. “Breaking of ribs” was not meant for ladies and it is being tossed aside along with all the ‘baddies’ in humanity. The play is not an areana for heroic endeavours instead it dishes moral lessons as well as a introspection of human life.