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In As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner, all of the Bundren family members are quite eccentric and would be difficult to travel with; but the worst member would have to be Addie because she smells and slows us down. While traveling with the Bundrens, one of the reasons I most despise Addie the fact that her grotesque smell makes me sick and the trip very unpleasant. The first smell I have to endure and …

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…to get to Jefferson as soon as possible to have her abortion. Finally, Darl pays the biggest price for his mother and is sent to an insane asylum because of his selfless act to try giving her a respectful burial. Every single member of the family makes sacrifices for Addie and is inconvenienced in some way by her existence. This is why Addie Bundren is the most difficult member of the family to travel with.