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My initial reaction to the play was absolutely hideous, and my malcontent was vibrant. I felt that reading A View From The Bridge was a tedious waste of time and that the play itself was a trivial piece of literature. I found the play to be neither intriguing nor interesting in the tiniest fashion. The only aspect that I found mildly intriguing was the character of the protagonist, Eddie Carbone, as it miraculously appealed to …

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…his eyes. Eddie's shallow, miserable nature is a powerful, hard-hitting aspect noted extensively in the play. As per previously mentioned, I despised Arthur Millerís A View From The Bridge. The two-act, eighty-six-paged horrendous nightmare will forever be embedded in my mind as a complete was of time and effort. I despise this pathetic excuse for English literature and wish for it to blaze in Hades. Bibliography a view from the bridge, by arthur miller