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Giovanna Bellini painted St. Francis in the Desert in 1585. An analysis of St. Francis in the Desert, located in New York part of the Frick Collection, will examine its subject, medium, and the content in the following paragraphs. In the painting of St. Francis in the Desert the subject is- man receives his stigma. The Medium of St. Francis in the Desert is Oil paint on a 4'.5" x 4' 7'' Panel. This was different …

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…Francis who had the ability to talk with animals. God saw him to be of high standards enough to put the marks of crucifixion on him. That is where the painting is taking place; the exact moment with the light (god) is giving Francis this stigma. I think Bellini's painting showed how a moment of fear and great pain of receiving something so unnatural and scary, could be put in a calm smooth spiritual painting.