Arsenic and Old Lace

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1. Arsenic and Old Lace 2. The copy I had did not list the author. 3. 66 pages 4. Act 1: Set in late afternoon in the month of September in the present time. Act 2: Later that same night. Act 3: Later that night to early the next morning. 5. The main characters include: Mortimer Brewster, Aunt Abby, Aunt Martha, Elaine, Teddy, Dr. Einstein, Jonathan Brewster, and Officer O'Hara. 6. Personally I liked Teddy the best because he was such a bizarre character. He …

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…This is most evident when Mortimer is trying to cover up the murders that his aunts have committed. 12. Ratings: Difficulty: 7 Although this play was fairly easy to read it has a tendency to get rather boring in some spots which requires a lot of concentration. Enjoyment: 7 This was a very humorous play in my eyes, however I think some people my be turned away by the amount of irony that is portrayed in this play.