Around the World in 80 Days

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Type of Literary Work This sensational novel is an adventure novel consisting of an enterprising Englishman touring the globe. Woven within are historical facts, such as the British Empire and colonies around the globe, as well as historically accurate locations. Theme The theme of this breathtaking novel is one of daring and persistence. On the whim of a wager, Fogg is sent around the world in the impossible time span of eighty days. Throughout the …

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…while his reasons for doing so are paradoxically frank. Personal Evaluation I greatly enjoyed reading this book. The adventure and suspense both intertwined with the historical background of the Industrial Revolution years is very enjoyable and highly entertaining. Verne’s style is unique and exciting, especially in this work. I would highly recommend this book to someone else, and would pick it up another time in haste. I would also hesitate in changing the contents.