Aristotle's Views on Human Action

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In his book, the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle raises questions about human happiness and what it takes to make a good human life. In his quest for an answer, Aristotle covers a great deal of ground and touches upon a variety of topics that, while not obviously so, tie significantly into to the "happiness" of our daily lives. One of these topics is the distinction between our voluntary actions and our involuntary actions. Book III, chapters 1 …

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…part of our belief system; ingrained in us from the time we are children and are taught right and wrong as well as the consequences of our actions. Naturally, there are questions that Aristotle has left unanswered; they seem important now because of the focus of this paper, but in the larger context of the Nicomachean Ethics and what Aristotle wants to accomplish with this book, he pretty much has all of his bases covered.