Aristotle: A Comprehensive View on Nature and Society

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This paper was written for a class on connection between philosophical views on nature and its social habits None Aristotle: A Comprehensive View on Nature and Society         In order to fully understand Aristotle's views on a natural system, it is necessary to first explain some general principles of his philosophy. It is in his work the Categories that Aristotle presents the concept of substance, a concept which will serve as the foundation for much of …

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…reason. It is our nature according to Aristotle, to reason, and it follows that if we achieve the perfectness or excellence (arete) in our nature, we achieve perfect happiness. Specifically, for Aristotle, the best way to come close to achieving the perfect "good" is to act as a seeker of truth. The philosopher is the way to go according to Aristotle; "Philosophical thoght is the way to consummate perfect happiness, but it doesn't pay well."