Archetypes in Raising Arizona

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Raising Arizona In the movie “Raising Arizona” a lot of Archetypes (a pattern consisting on literary elements found in all literature regards) are used throughout. Ethan and Joel Coen turned a serious subject like kidnapping, into a hysterical comedy. The use of archetypes are strong, the movie is basically one big archetype. The uses are archetypes are found within the language, plot, and character. When looking at the different archetypes they all seemed to fall …

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…was a little better then he last. It was filled with happiness. There are many other archetypes in the movie. The Sun was setting in the beginning and rising in the end. Linard, Nathan, and H.I. are the perfect examples of living Archetypes. Their lives are based on good vs. evil. All in all this was a great movie, and I’m glad I got the chance to waste class time to see it.