Araby James Joyce

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Comment on the narrative voice of the story. Why does the boy get disillusioned at the end of the story? Does the confrontation with the reality take place only at the end? At what moment in the story and in what details does he confront the actual? The narrative voice of Araby by James Joyce is the author taking on the role of a male whose name is never mentioned. From the description of the …

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…they trembled and says "Oh love! O love" (Joyce, page 106). Here instead of keeping his feelings locked inside him, he actually speaks the word of his adoration for the girl, and even though no one is around to hear them, to the young man they are a reality. Bibliography WORKS CITIED Joyce, James. "Araby" in The McGraw Hill Introduction to Literature Second Edition ed. Gilbert H. Muller and John A. Williams New York: McGraw Hill 1995