Arabic Calligraphy

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Arabic Calligraphy Arabic calligraphy is one of the greatest arts of the Arabs. Because Islam forbade the making and worshipping of idols, there was no scope for arts like sculpture to develop and, therefore, Muslims directed their talents towards arts such as literature, architecture, arabesque and calligraphy. Another main reason for the development of calligraphy was the need to make copies of the Quran, which was considered a most meritorious act. Like the names of …

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…early this century developed this. A Diwan is a ruler's office and thus the name of the script refers to its use in Government correspondence and decrees. A peculiar form is the 'Tughra', a somewhat intricate and beautiful royal signature indicating name and title of each sultan, done by a skilled calligrapher. Ruqa script: This is the most widely used script by people in their daily handwritten work. It is easy to write and read.