Arabia vs. Europe. Who were the true occasionalists?

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Arabia vs. Europe Who were the true occasionalists? To begin a comparison between occasionalists from the eastern and western hemispheres of the world, a clear definition of Occasionalism must be stated. Occasionalism is the belief that everything is caused by God, from the motion of the tiniest spider, as it rushes across the room, to the cataclysmic event of stars exploding. It is also the belief that there is no substance other than that of …

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…the spectrum, who was incredibly similar in theories to Al-Ghazali and Al-Ashari and beautifully moderate and religious in all of his theories, to Spinoza on the other end, who was bordering on atheism. Leibniz could be compared with Ibn Sina since they were both brilliant intellectuals of their time, but they had different philosophical beliefs since Ibn Sina was a neo-Platonist, the last and probably the most dedicated also, while Leibniz was a devout occasionalist.