Apostolic Christian Faith

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Overview: 10 page paper written for Power, Culture and Ideology class. Explains the origin of the Apostolic Christian Church. Also tries to explain the beliefs, activities, and symbols associated with this faith. Includes 4 references. Paper: Origin Samuel Froehlich, a young seminary student in Switzerland, founded the Apostolic Christian church in the 1830's. His goal was to organize a church based on a literal interpretation of the Bible (Welcome Book). He emphasized the verse, "...teaching them to …

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…By understanding the various religions of our society and world, we become more accepting and tolerant of those around us. Works Cited Draft Statement of Faith of the Apostolic Christian Church: Second Revision. Apostolic Christian Resourses. (1987) http://www.philtoth.com/ac/index.htm Gateway Woods: Apostolic Christian Children's Home http://www.gatewaywoods.org Welcome Book. Apostolic Christian Church of America. Apostolic Christian Publishing Co. Eureka, Illinois (8/2000) Woodhaven Retirement Community. Apostolic Christian Publishing Co. Eureka, Illinois (8/2000)