Apartheid in South Africa

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The History of Apartheid in South Africa Apartheid was a system employed by the dominantly white government that held the people of Africa apart for over half a century, and is only now being uplifted. It literally means ‘apartness’, and that states a lot about the system itself. The basis of it was to classify all the different people of Africa into races - of which there were four basic ones: White (European and Caucasian), …

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…by race were repealed, along with the restrictions of black land ownership. In 1994 everyone in South Africa was allowed to vote. Nelson Mandela, the ‘symbol of black South Africans’ struggle for equality’ was elected president. As there was hatred before Apartheid came into use, there is still hatred afterwards. It cannot be expected that a country can change it’s views in so short of time. But it is on it’s way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**