Anzia Yezierska ,“Light” and “Dark”

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For this final paper I chose to take a closer look at the writing of Anzia Yezierska in “America and I”. I decided to examine the symbolism used by Yezierska in this piece. Yezierska tells the story of her struggle to find “America”. As she writes about this Yezierska uses symbolism to convey ideas and connotations about her feelings and her perception of America. The words and images of “darkness” and “light” are used throughout …

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…are images that can easily be pictured in the mind. These images correlate with the story to give the reader a clear picture of the way yezierska felt about things. Emotions and feelings are emphasized and consequently better understood by those reading her story. These symbols of light and dark parallel Yezierska story and create solid support for her writing. The use of light and dark make this piece much more affective to the reader.