Antigone's Right Problems

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Antigone Right Problems Antigone is a play written by Sophocles but reinterpreted by Paul Roche. Many of the Greek plays have a tragic theme that leads a character with a high position to a downfall. In Antigone, the main character Antigone has to save and stand up for her family’s honor. Antigone is not the character that has a tragic downfall. The evil King Creon’s downfall is the loss his son and wife. …

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…his son, Haemon, and wife, Eurydice. Therefore, in this story the heroine is partially the winner of the battle between good and bad. When the blind prophet, Tiresias, opens the eyes of Creon, it was too late to save Antigone. Hence, the result is the death of the two people he loved the most. At the same time, Antigone lost because her loved died and she left behind her sister to mourn for her death.