Antigone individual vs. laws of society

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In Sophocles' "Antigone", the primary focus is on the concept of the individual versus the laws of authority within society. In "Antigone" the reader is challenged by the various conflicting morals that are presented. Antigone's predicament is one related to moral principles. She must decide whether or not she must act based on what she believes to be right or submit to the authority of her king. Throughout this play, Sophocles brings up the issue …

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…in awe. This is the law." The Chorus' simple message seems to lack as a full explanation for Creon's fall. Creon's true downfall is his own pride or hubris. Creon falls under the category of other Greek figures (Achilles, Odysseus etc.),whose pride and stubborn nature proves to be their undoing. Maybe the true moral to this story is best stated by Teiresias when he said "It is a fool who is governed by self-will."