Antigone, War of beliefs

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War of Beliefs In the play, "Antigone" written by Sophocles, Antigone and Creon battle a philosophical war based on their beliefs of what is right and wrong. The conflict arose when the principles that backed up their actions clashed with each other, making it a contradiction between morals. Antigone's side of the conflict held a much more heavenly approach, as opposed to the mundane road that Creon chose to follow. I chose the passage from …

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…sides were just, all beliefs were supported. But, Creon was forced to decide the unanswerable and determine right from wrong when there was no clear answer. Just the fact that Antigone was killed basically for her religious beliefs, shows to me that the whole political system of those times were really screwed up. However I give Creon some credit, because in the end he finally sucked in his foolish pride and did what was right.