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In Antigone, Sophocles creates Antigone, the tragic hero of the play. Antigone, the main character of the story cannot accept her dead brother Polyneicês not being buried. Going against the orders of Creon, her uncle and the King of Thebes, Antigone buries her brother. She follows her own morals and her heart rather than the laws that people abide by. Antigone’s stubbornness not only influences the choices she made throughout the play; her …

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…not continue reign over Thebes. Antigone’s headstrong attitude not only influences her choices but it also leads to the death of her lover Haimon, her aunt Eurydicê, and herself. This also leaves Creon emotionally wounded. Creon’s ending words of the book, “Lead me away I have been rash and foolish…” intimates that he will give up his throne as the King of Thebes. Antigone’s stubborness causes many consequences because of her attitude.