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In the story "Antaeus," by Borden Deal, the main character T.J has three capabilities that make him different from his friends. First of all, T.J. is a very intelligent boy. His new city companions did not maintain the wisdom T.J. has about the world and how to deal with people around. T. J. is also a receptive boy, a soft-spoken person who feels an attachment to the land. Finally, T.J. is …

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…person as well. T.J.ís brawny outing to complete the garden coupled with his contumacious importunity that he and the boys destroy it themselves illustrate that T.J. possess a greater sense of determination than his peers. T.J.ís final acts of fleeing the city for the comfort of the land he loves makes complete the impression that he stood alone among his companions as a highly intelligent, sensitive, and determined young person.