Animal Testing

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It is a dark stormy night when suddenly the phone rings. I casually answer the telephone. It is my older sister informing me that our mother is in the hospital. She is going to need an emergency brain transplant. It takes me just a moment to drop everything I am doing and rush to the hospital. When I arrive I see my father and sister in the waiting room casually enjoying their conversation. I am …

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…with a bit of knowledge on the subject one can decide for themselves. Who knows, maybe someday with the help of animals we can eradicate all disease. Which would give us no further reason to perform these animal testings. We have held ourselves back for long enough. It is now time to move forward. Works Cited                  1. Thomas, Allen. "Animals in America" Discover Magazine 9         October 1995                  2. Davies, Barbara. "Understanding Animal Research in Labs"         RDS. Online. AOL. Nov. 1995