Animal Farm relating to Russian Revolution

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Greed for Power, and Cruelty: Making Followers In Animal Farm, George Orwell demonstrates the danger of unquestioning acceptance of ideas and actions that are “supposed to represent” a better way of life. Throughout the book there are many examples of hatred and evil undermining what sounds like a great utopia when introduced, but not when they are lived. The ideas are very familiar because they are based on those that drove the Russian Revolution, and …

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…tragic, somber feel for him. The danger of unquestioning acceptance of ideas has both real and unimaginably terrible results. In giving up their own decision making to a power-hungry leader, they were only guaranteeing that the Utopia they had been promised could not be realized. In reality, a better way of life can only be made if many people can communicate for, fight for, and defend their own vision, and be protected in doing so.