Animal Dreams

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Animal Dreams The Discovery of Life Through Death In Barbara Kingsolver's novel Animal Dreams, the protagonist, Codi Noline, is unable to become self aware until the death of her sister, Hallie. Throughout the novel Codi's dependency on her sister the apparent cause. When Hallie ventures to Nicaragua to show the farmers how to replenish the land Codi returns to the small town of Grace, Arizona to aid her ailing father, Doc Homero. Hallie's departure in …

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…is that Codi thinks Hallie is life but Codi is really unable to live until Hallie dies. After the death of Hallie, Codi is able to see her insecurities and deal with them. She is able to find a direction in her life and she begins to establish a foundation for her future. She is able to secure a family, friends, a career, and an establish place within Grace. Hallie's death enables Codi to live.