AngloSaxon Gods

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Anglo- Saxon Gods The Anglo-Saxon period was very interesting. Especially the ancient poems and mythology. While looking around, the Gods captured my attention. Three of them to be exact, Woden, Thunor and Tiw. Woden is known as the most important God of warriors, the God of wisdom and the God of war. This one eyed chief of Gods hung himself from a tree for nine days seeking the forbidden and mystical knowledge of the runes. …

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…our necks. The last God I am noticing is Tiw. An older God whose purpose was to battle and to whom human sacrifices were made. He also stood for law and order. An arrow pointing up was Tiw's sure way to say he wanted a successful battle. The God I find most interesting is Woden. Only because he almost sacrificed his on life by hanging from that tree. Plus he was king of the God's.