AngloSaxon Culture and Beowulf

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It is commonly accepted that the Beowulf epic was from the Anglo-Saxon period. It is so commonly accepted because of the strong evidence in the story. Then, because of all of these parallels that can be drawn it is safe to say that a reader who is unaware of Anglo-Saxon society cannot fully understand this epic. That is why I plan to explain the basic principles of this society to better comprehend the epic at …

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…an existing place and precise historical context which makes it easier to swallow. Since most people are aware of modern culture, James Bond is easily interpreted. Just these few Anglo-Saxon facts that have been discussed can also develop a better understanding of Beowulf. Bibliography Chickering, Howell D. Readings on Beowulf. pgs. 38-44 San Diego:Greenhaven Press, 1998 Robinson, Fred C. Readings on Beowulf. pgs. 49-54 San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1998