Angelas Ashes Franks Moral Intellectual Development

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Angela’s Ashes Frank’s Emotional, Intellectual and Moral Development Frank begins his life with a poor, large family with barely enough money to support the rent of their house and their food. He is the son of an alcoholic father and a constantly depressed mother whose time is mostly spent crying and whining about her hardships, but never applying any effort in solving them. Within his days of growing up, I feel this has …

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…mind. His need for sexual love was an intellectual development that was growing throughout the book, which was somewhat helped by his love affair with Theresa Comody, which gave him pleasure, guilt and sorrow, his first experience of love. These points do show generally Frank’s hardship in developing, emotionally and intelectually, and shows us the hardship and ease of affection of growing up within a family and community such as his. Bibliography Angela's Ashes