Andy is Unsympathetic, I'm A Fool

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In the video "I'm A Fool," By Sherwood Anderson, there sare many events that occur that cause the main character, Andy, to prove his true personality. In the story Andy cotridicts himselfand shows how easy it is to make insipid mistakes. In the story Andy proves himself to be an unsympathetic character because he acs foolish, timid, unremorsful and as a masquerader. In the story Andy acts foolish because he lies to impress people that …

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…who he later blames all his problems on. Secondly, Andy states that because the other men had great backgrounds and good names that he would try to show them up by lieing about being Walter Mathers. In conclusion, the character Andy in the story "I'm A Fool" is an unsympathetic character because he is foolish, timid, unremorseful and he acts as a masquerader. He makes many foolish mistakes and he doesn't blame himself for them.