Andrew Jacksons presidency.

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During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, some may argue that he did not up hold to political democracy, the practice of the supreme power being held by the people and individual liberty, the ability for people to possess rights and be free. Incidents such as the Indian Removal Act, Southern Tariffs, Nullification Crisis, and the Gag Rule are some examples that help support that Jacksonian Democrats hardly protected the Constitution or its people. The Nullification …

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…lives were taken away from them without their say. Jacksonian Democrats took away the rights of people and their power as a whole, completely contradicting themselves when they said they were guardians of the constitution and stood for political democracy and individual liberty. The economy became damaged and people began to lose their faith in their president. Not only do these incidents show how Jacksonian Democrats worsened society, but how they went against their beliefs.