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Andersonville Torture, screams, no food: These are the conditions of prisons during the Civil War. The lack of attention to prisoners led to many gruesome things such as eating live animals. The two most infamous prisons were Andersonville in the South and Elmira in the North. Both had terrible conditions that were largely caused by the psychology of the War: If the other side doesn’t have men they can’t fight and likewise with …

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…much suffering which could have been stopped, if not for Hoffmann and Wirz. That is why they were both truly “Hell on Earth” and Elmira is known as “Hellmira”. Bibliography Bibliography Magazines 1)”Andersonville remembers America’s POWs” Civil War Times, April 1996, p. 18, 20-21, 73-75 2)”Andersonville: the Myth Endures” Civil War Times, April 1996, p. 10, 78 3)”Northern Hell on Earth” America’s Civil War, March 1991, p. 25-29 Encyclopedia 1)”Civil War.” World Book Encyclopedia, 1994, Vol. 4, p. 631 Movie 1)Andersonville. TNT, 1996.