Ancient China

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Around 1100 B.C the Chinese people were fashioning ideas that would result in unique civilization. The Chinese emperor Wudi created a school that helped students prepare for examinations for positions in the Civil Service. Which is a system that allowed anyone with abilities to attain public office. The administration of china’s government came under the control of the mandarin. A class of well educated officials. Chinese family’s were a strict hierarchy, In which …

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…also extended family’s, which consisted of parents, children, grandparents, and other relatives living together in one household. Finally there was a Chinese theory, which was related to Daoist ideas was the concept of yin and yang, the two opposing forces believed to be present in all nature. Also Confucius finally found a way to spread his ideas by becoming a teacher, and Individuals, Confucius taught, lived according to the principles of ethics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**