Analyzing Shakespear's Sonnet 55 and Fletcher's Licia

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Many factors can be used to analyze “Sonnet 55” by William Shakespear and “Licia” by Giles Fletcher. “Sonnet 55” and “Licia” share the subject of eternal love. In “Sonnet 55,” the narrator says that the memory of his love will last through “wasteful wars” that destroy tangible objects (Shakespear 5). Love remains in the mind;” it is “living record of [the lover’s] memory” and cannot be destroyed (Shakespear 8). “Licia” also mentions strong tangible objects being out-lasted by love. …

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…for a large amount of time. However, it can also be read as “rhyme,” meaning that nothing will outlast the poem. When he said “rime” he was talking about love; through this he compares it to something strong that does not fade easily. Both Shakespear and Fletcher use imagery in their poems. Shakespear paints a picture of raging war destroying everything around it. Fletcher illustrates a picture of earthly things fading away gradually and gently.