Analysis of a website called Buginabox.

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It analyses the marketing mix of the compact car, define the brand, positioning and segmentation problems. You can also find a competitive analysis and a SWOT analysis of the firm in its micro and macro environment. CHAPTER 2: BUGINABOX.COM 2.1 - Identity Name:BUGINABOX.COM Type: BUSINESS-TO-CONSUMER Creation: 2003 2.2 - Mission statement · Offer to every people in the world a wide variety of butterflies and bugs via Internet. · Contribute to preserve rainforests. 2.3 - Strategies · Develop a website …

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…policy can be enlarged by the acceptance of foreign currencies and website translation in additional languages, at the national level (Spanish) and at the international level. SOURCES LIAUTAUD Bernard with HAMMOND Mark (2001) - "E-business Intelligence / Turning information into knowledge into profit" - McGrawth Hill p165