Analysis of Sonnet 139

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Silence is golden. Although this is a trite comment about the value of soundlessness, it often rings true. However, silence can also be used as a weapon to inflict heavy amounts of emotional damage. Supposing a wife cheated on her husband and decided to keep silent about the whole event, but the husband found out about the affair through a good friend of his, what then? The husband, if he is more of the timid …

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…more. In using accents on the right words, the poet gives the poem passion, allowing the reader to see the poet’s deepest anguish. Shakespeare lays his heart on the table, in hopes that maybe, the Dark Lady will come to and decide to break the barrier of silence and confess her love for someone else. However, until that happens, Shakespeare is doomed to writhe in his own self-agony, a victim of the silent killer.