Analysis of Plato's Simile of the Cave

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Analysis of Plato's ‘The Simile of The Cave’ Many literary works of the past have been very accurate to our view of society today. None of these works, however describes our view of today’s society as closely as Plato’s “Simile of the Cave”. In this work, Plato describes how he believes humans of his time behaved using a simple analogy of men in a cave. Through this analogy, Plato is able to fully …

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…qualities such as truth, enlightenment, mystery, deception, and many other ideas. Upon one’s analysis of this simile, many qualities can be found that are comparable to today’s society. Through a better understanding of this literary work, a person is able to fully compare and contrast the similarities between society today and society of Plato’s time. These astounding similarities make this one of the most intriguing and interesting literary works of all time.