Analysis of Plato's Purgatorio

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Dante Alighieri reveals his theology, beliefs, and ideals in his work Divine Comedy. Specifically, in Purgatorio, Dante expresses his view of the importance of love, a view that is not completely homogenous with Catholic doctrine. That view is that through divine grace, all Christians can acquire eternal happiness and immortal love from God regardless of how wicked they lived life, as long as they are repentant. Another aspect of Purgatorio exists in Dante's immersion in …

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…Dante not only provides aspects of Catholic doctrine in the Middle Ages, but he also renders his view of how the Church should be run. Readers can also infer Dante's love of the traditions and literature of non-Christian, Greco-Roman antiquity. The predominant theme in Purgatorio exists in Dante's expression of the importance of love and compassion. On the whole, Dante's Purgatorio offers an exquisite insight into the religion and history of the late Middle Ages.