Analysis of Janet Green's Still Life With Tamarillos

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5. Analysis of Janet Green’s “Still Life with Tamarillos” “Still Life with Tamarillos” is an exceptionally detailed artwork. The artwork consists of a platter of tamarillos in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. It is an artwork painted by acrylic on board, and every paint stroke is delicately realistic. This follows her usual formula of a still life image in the foreground of a truly Australian landscape. No relationship is evident between the still life …

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…exceptionally. “Still Life with Tamarillos” is a brilliant artwork, and being sold for $5,750 seems like a bargain to any true art collector. It follows Green’s formula which she uses so well. The detail in this artwork is so good. She uses colours well, and despite having no apparent relationship between her foreground and background, a true sense of peace is created. All in all, “Still Life with Tamarillos” is a superb piece of art.